Students who are not provided yellow bus service may receive a free Metrocard in accordance with the Department of Education (DOE) and Chancellor’s regulations.

Please make sure that someone is always at the bus stop on time to meet your child. The bus driver is expected not to leave lower grade children unattended at the bus stop. If there are any problems with the bus, please notify the school so that we may attempt to alleviate the problem. You should also contact the Office of Pupil Transportation which supervises all routing and bus services.

According to 2016-2017 guidelines:

If your child does not ride the school bus, and you believe your child is eligible for a Metrocard, please come to the main office, Rm. 109 to request and fill out the paperwork.

lf you believe that your child is eligible for bus transportation, fill out a form available in the main office (109). This will allow us to expedite your request. Please remember, the school does not provide transportation. All requests must be entered on the computer. We do have a cooperative relationship with OPT, and will work with you to submit your requests .

Students who have Metrocards lost or stolen must report this to the main office during morning homeroom. Metrocards are replaced as soon as we receive replacements from the Office of Pupil Transportation (approximately 2 weeks). Please note that the school receives the exact number of Metrocards generated by students who are eligible.