Student Expectations

  • to treat each other with respect
  • to treat all other persons — parents, teachers, visitors with respect
  • to attend school regularly, arrive punctually, and be prepared
  • to arrive appropriately dressed for school
  • to take responsibility for their education
  • to commit themselves to their educational endeavors
  • to act in a manner that doesn’t disrupt other students’ education
  • to make sure that all homework is completed
  • to comprehend that a good education is essential to their success
  • to understand that the diversity of personalities, race, religion, and beliefs allows us a chance to learn from other people
  • Cell phones are never to be out-of-pocket when in or on school grounds

Student Council

Ellianna Green: President of student council

Emmanuel Opoku: Vice president

Abubakar Touray: Secretary of student council

Dante Pereira: Treasurer

Mr. Salmon: Teacher

Mr. McKitty: Teacher