Policies & Procedures

School Policies

**COVID19 Policies and procedures can be found here.


School Policies:

  • The school officially opens for students at 7:45 AM. At this time they may proceed to the student cafeteria for a free breakfast.
  • Students and parents should enter through the 2555 Tratman Avenue entrance
  • Consider driving conditions and local traffic and allot adequate time to drop-off your children in a timely manner. Remember, punctuality sets a positive example for your children and accentuates the importance of their education. Remember, students who arrive to their classrooms after 8:00 AM are late.
  • Overtaking and passing a stopped school bus with signal lights flashing is illegal and dangerous. This action is punishable by a fine of not less than $250 and points on your license.
  • The entire school is SMOKE FREE. The entire school is owned by the Department of Education (DOE).
  • All entry to the school is through the main doors. By law, you must check-in at the security desk, present appropriate identification and follow the directions of the Security Agent. If you are visiting any place in the building, you must obtain a visitor’s pass in the general office.
  • If you wish to visit any personnel in the school, you should first call the Parent Coordinator, Wendy Camarena at (718) 409-9040, ext.1103 to secure an appointment.

School Expectations: Students

  • to treat each other with respect
  • to treat all other persons — parents, teachers, visitors with respect
  • to attend school regularly, arrive punctually, and be prepared
  • to arrive appropriately dressed for school
  • to take responsibility for their education
  • to commit themselves to their educational endeavors
  • to act in a manner that doesn’t disrupt other students’ education
  • to make sure that all homework is completed
  • to comprehend that a good education is essential to their success
  • to understand that the diversity of personalities, race, religion, and beliefs allows us a chance to learn from other people
  • Cell phones are never to be out-of-pocket when in or on school grounds

School Expectations: Parents

To set an example to our children through our actions including:

  • interactions with other adults and children
  • pursue your own education (i.e. reading, attending workshops, taking courses, etc.) involvement in school activities
  • attendance at Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings
  • caring for the school and the environment.
  • remaining involved in our children’s education (overseeing homework, projects, etc,)
  • making sure children are properly prepared for school each day
  • reading to and with our children (all age levels) at home
  • contact the teacher or the school when you have questions regarding the school or your child to keep open lines of communication with the teachers and staff (please remember that we are all involved in giving your child the best education)
  • to notify teachers of important information regarding your child
  • to notify teachers in writing if your child will be going home in a different manner (i.e. not taking yellow bus, being picked up by someone other than usual, etc.) 
  • filling out 2 blue emergency cards that includes: phone number(s) where you can be reached during the day, emergency contacts who are readily available, accurate information, any special home arrangements regarding guardians, a complete list of adults who have permission to pick your child up from school
  • updating information with the teacher and school in a timely manner
  • the nurse is not allowed to inform teachers of student medical conditions unless directed in writing to do so by the parents. Please notify your children’s teachers of any significant medical conditions.